Diversified customers, unique needs, consistent outcomes.

Multi-faceted capabilities enable Waller Corporation to service numerous industries successfully. Our background in hard bid work has honed our ability to accurately assess the needs of any customer, regardless of the sector, in a financially sound manner. These capabilities paired with our many years of direct experience provide customers with the very best construction solution.

  • Institutional

    Academy is defined by learning and discovery. We apply our long history of acquired experience to meet the unique needs of universities and various educational institutions. Waller has successfully constructed over 70 institutional facilities and has become a trusted contractor within this sector. We understand that cost to value is paramount, and that timely completion is a must to fulfill the needs of institutional customers.

  • Retail

    Maintaining brand consistency for retail is a must. Waller has the necessary attention to detail and constructive adaptability to build facilities that adhere to designated brand standards. It’s our desire to bid a job accurately and construct it within a timely fashion. Time is definitely money in business, and we aim to ensure our customers are open for business as soon as possible.

  • Hospitality

    The hospitality industry is all about total customer satisfaction and so are we. Waller Corporation takes great care with respect to project planning, timely construction, and ongoing customer communication. Our seasoned team strives to accommodated specified delivery dates without exception and earn each of our customers trust.

  • Healthcare

    Possessing the ability to strictly adhere to specific construction requirements in the healthcare industry is not negotiable. We have the skills and focused attention to details to ensure these needs are carefully met. New construction or renovations, Waller Corporation works closely with the Department of Health, sub-contractors, and most importantly the customer to get the job done right.

  • Municipalities

    Working with municipalities is a delicate balance of cost, logistics, attention to detail, and the ability to work with multiple entities. Waller Corporation excels at making these projects a smooth and successful build. Our professionals work diligently to maintain timeline fulfillment and the level of quality construction we are known to provide.

  • Private

    Trust must be earned in this business. Waller Corporation has been fortunate to have the opportunity to demonstrate why we are a trustworthy and qualified builder. For decades, we’ve been providing our customers with complete confidence by maintaining a open line of communication. Our leadership gets involved early and stays involved throughout the lifecycle of a project.